Facility hotel

Our facility hotels are scalable to your project.

About Facility Hotel


At our site hotel you can rent long-term rooms for your company. The rooms have private bathrooms and our kitchen provides all meals.


In the dining room we offer breakfast, packed lunch, dinner and supper - there is something for everyone. 


We supply canteens according to the customer's wishes, preferably complete with cooling and freezing facilities. In addition, ventilation systems are included that provide the correct room temperature and sufficient ventilation.


Project design and planning

We take care of all engineering and planning in the construction phase.

Assembly / disassembly

We supply facility hotels in several sizes.


We transport the modules where our customers need them.

Building notice

We are helpful with all types of applications and permits.

Modular construction

We deliver flexible module solutions throughout the country.

Operation and maintenance

We tailor an operation and maintenance agreement that suits your needs.

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Get in touch for more information - together we will find the best solutions for your project

Endre Sørstrømmen

Managing Director

Morten Tofte

Sales and marketing manager